22 February 2016

Hove and the Raj

Monumental Inscriptions at Hove & Portslade
compiled by Judy Middleton. (1983 revised 2016)

copyright © J.Middleton
The Jaipur Gate, originally made for the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886 in London and moved to the grounds of Hove Museum in 1926


It has often been remarked that people who had seen service in India, in either a civil or military capacity, liked to retire to Hove. This collection is an attempt to put some facts behind the idea. It would be foolish to pretend it is a comprehensive list of everybody with an Indian connection but it is, as far as I could research, a record of those inscriptions that allude to service in India.

The design of the memorials is varied. There are the truly grand such as the Dallas one with its weeping marble woman sculpted by Ternouth, the martial brasses of Rattray’s Sikhs’ officers, the severe grey granite of Everest’s stone; and a multitude of crosses in Hove Cemetery, some simple and white, or pink and Celtic, others embellished with a symbolic sheathed sword.

Hove Cemetery was not opened until 1880 and earlier burials were in the capacious churchyard belonging to St Andrew’s Old Church. Alas, many beautiful Victorian memorials were obliterated in the 1970s to make way for a new St Andrew’s Church of England School, which had to be built on a concrete raft so as not to disturb the burials. Thankfully, a record was made of the inscriptions.

The inscriptions have been gathered into groups for added interest. Some headings are quite arbitrary, as for instance in the Indian Mutiny. There may have been others involved but it is only mentioned in five inscriptions. It is fascinating to find not only a soldier who served under Havelock at Lucknow and another who died from his wounds there but also a couple who survived the entire siege and lived to tell the tale.

The Indian Mutiny marked the great divide as far as service was concerned. Before 1858 the East India Company was the great power in the land with its own armies plus medical and civil services. The company divided India into three Presidencies – Bengal, Madras and Bombay, each being independent of the other. But after the Mutiny, the British Government took control.

In the Hove memorials more men are connected with the Bengal Service (29) than any other and the Mutiny affected Bengal principally.


The East India Company raised the first three regiments of native cavalry (trained to European standards) in 1796. Further regiments were added and the Bengal Army had more cavalry than either the Bombay or Madras Armies. However, by 1857 seven of the ten cavalry regiments had mutinied and two had been disbanded. The eight irregular and loyal cavalry units raised before the Mutiny survived and in 1861 became the first eight regiments of Bengal Cavalry, the most senior being Skinner’s Horse. As the names of regiments changed and recruitment of various classes of Indians became rigidly laid down, it is useful to include the following details because the following four regiments are mentioned in the Hove inscriptions.

2nd Bengal Cavalry- Raised in 1809 it was known as the 2nd irregular cavalry, becoming Lancers in 1890. It was a class squadron regiment composed of one squadron of Sikhs, one squadron of Rajputs, one squadron of Jats and one squadron of Hindustani Mohammedans.

7th Bengal Cavalry – Raised in 1846 it was known as the 17th irregular cavalry, becoming Lancers in 1900. It was a class squadron regiment composed of one squadron of Jats, ½ squadron of Sikhs, ½ squadron of Dogras, ½ squadron Rajputs, ½ squadron of Brahmins, one squadron of Hindustani Mohammedans,

8th Bengal Cavalry – Raised in 1846 it was known as the 18th irregular cavalry, becoming Lancers in 1900. It was a class squadron regiment composed of four ½ squadrons of Hindustani Mohammedans, two ½ squadrons of Rajputs and two ½ squadrons of Jats.

9th Bengal Cavalry – Raised in 1857 it was known as Hodson’s Horse, becoming Lancers in 1886. It was a class squadron regiment composed of 1 ½ squadron of Sikhs, ½ squadron of Dogras and 1 ½ squadron of Punjabi Mohammedans.


Raised in 1846, they were added to the Bengal Army in 1864 as the 45th Bengal Infantry. It was a regiment composed only of Sikhs with British officers. They took part in the invasion of Afghanistan in 1878-1880.  In 1897 some 200 men were involved in the celebrated defence of the Fort of Chakdara when they held out for six days against continuous attacks by thousands of tribesmen. Their bravery (particularly Sepoy Prem Singh) made Winston Churchill wish that the Victoria Cross had been open to Indian troops. They became the 3rd Battalion 11th Sikh Regiment in 1922.


Not one regiment of the Madras Army mutinied in 1857. The Madras Artillery was of particular value during the Cawnpore and Oudh campaigns. When Lord Roberts became Commander-in-Chief of the Madras Army in 1880, his verdict was that the army was stagnant – all except the Madras Sappers whom he thought ‘the most useful, efficient body of men’.


Only two regiments were involved in the Mutiny, the newly raised 26th and 27th and even then it was only part of the regiment as the Maratha soldiers stayed loyal. The Bombay Army supplied most of the forces used in Sir Hugh Rose’s campaign in central India against Tanta Topi in 1858.


The British were so impressed by the fighting qualities of the Gurkhas during two long campaigns against them that after peace was made in 1816, they set about raising four Gurkha Battalions. The Gurkhas proved their loyalty during the Mutiny, particularly at Delhi where they suffered 327 casualties including eight of their nine British officers out of a total of 490. Ever since they were first raised there has been mutual respect and affection between the Gurkha soldier and his British officer and so it was fitting that after India gained its independence in 1948, four Gurkha regiments should remain as part of the British Army.


By 30th June 1857 the Lucknow Residency was home to around 5,000 people crowding inside for protection while surrounded by mutineers. On 19th September 1857 Major General Sir Henry Havelock and Lieutenant General Sir James Outram headed the forces beginning their march to Lucknow. They reached their destination on 25th September 1857 in the 1st Relief of Lucknow. Unfortunately there were insufficient numbers to break out again and the mutineers resumed their siege. The occupants of the Residency then had to wait until 17th November 1857 when Sir Colin Campbell arrived with more troops for the 2nd Relief of Lucknow.


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HC                Hove Cemetery, south of Old Shoreham Road
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1.      BINGHAM – Sacred to the memory of my mother Hannah, widow of Captain Henry Bingham, Bengal Army and daughter of the late Revd JT Thompson of Delhi; born 3rd July 1819 entered into rest 26th December 1890. So he giveth his beloved sleep. (HC)
2.      BLAKE – Sacred to the memory of Charlotte Caroline Judith, widow of Major Muirson Trower Blake of the Bengal Army; born 10th October 1810 died 15th December 1879. Christ in you the hope of glory. 1 Col. 5.27. (St. AMIB)
3.      CAMPBELL – Sacred to the memory of Emily the beloved wife of Lieutenant Colonel John Campbell of the Bengal Army (retired) who departed this life on the 11th day of January 1871 aged 61 years. Also sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Colonel John Campbell of the retired list of the Bengal Army who departed this life on the 21st day of November 1875 aged 85 years. (St. AMIB)
4.      CORFIELD – Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Corfield late Bengal Army born on 30th August 1807 died on 23rd April 1883 and of Louisa Eleanor his wife. They will be done. (HC)
5.      FARQUHARSON – Sacred to the memory of Major John Peere Farquharson late of the Bengal Army – the – August AD 18—(St. AMIB)
6.      HOME – In Memory of Richard Home Major General H.M. Bengal Army who entered into rest on 19th April 1862 aged 73. With Christ which is far better. Philip 1.23. Also Frances Sophia Home widow of the above who entered into rest on September 18th 1889 on the eve of her 83rd birthday. So he giveth his beloved sleep. (HC)
7.      JEREMIE – Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Maria Jeremie widow of Captain Jeremie Bengal Army who departed this life in the steadfast hope of a joyful resurrection through Christ 22nd October 1900. (St. AMIB)
8.      KING – John Bishop King MD Surgeon Major in the Bengal Army died 27th January 1900 aged 68 years. His end was peace. Annie Louise King wife of Dr Bishop King died 19th November 1925 aged 67 years (St. AMIB)
9.      SIMPSON – In loving remembrance of Emily Ann widow of the late Colonel R Salisbury Simpson Bengal Army who fell asleep in Jesus November 15th 1909. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. (HC)

BENGAL ARTILLERY              

10.  FITZ-GERALD – In loving memory of Clarissa Fanny Fitz-Gerald widow of Major General Mordaunt M Fitz-Gerald Royal (late Bengal) Artillery born June 21st 1854 died December 31st 1918; daughter of the Revd Owen Blathwayt Tyler MA the late vicar of North Wootton, Somerset. At rest. In loving memory of Mordaunt Martin Fitz-Gerald of Morett Queens County Major General Royal (late Bengal) Artillery born 3rd May 1831 died 3rd March 1902. Ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away. (HC)
11.  WILLIAMS-FREEMAN – In loving memory of Ada wife of Lieutenant Colonel EP Williams-Freeman late Royal Bengal Artillery born 14th March 1842 died 5th February 1917. The spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Also of their son Harry Peere Captain Royal Warwickshire Regiment killed in action in Italy 9th August 1918 aged 38 years and of Lieutenant Colonel EP Williams-Freeman born 20th October 1841 died 5th February 1924. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. (HC)


12.  CAMPBELL – In loving memory of Colonel Herbert Lowe Campbell Commandant of 9th Bengal Cavalry Horse who died 14th August 1881 aged 55 years. Requiescat in pace. Emily Georgina wife of Colonel HL Campbell died February 20th 1906 RIP. (St. AMIB)
13.  FITZGERALD – Sacred to the memory of Fanny widow of Lieutenant Colonel John Fitzgerald 2nd Bengal Cavalry born 28th October 1808 died 1st December 1891. So he giveth his beloved sleep. Ps. CXXVII. (St. AMIB)


14.   MACDONALD – Here also rest the remains of Mary widow of Colonel RDH Macdonald 8th Bengal Light Cavalry and eldest daughter of JH Crawford Esq born 16th October 1816 died 18th May 1887. (St. AMIB)
15.  SAUNDERS – In memory of Hugh Ward Saunders late 7th Bengal Light Cavalry who died 19th February 1877 aged 49 years. Salvation belongeth unto the Lord. (St. AMIB)


16.  ANNAND – In memory of Mary the beloved wife of Adam Smith Annand late of Bengal Civil Service who entered into rest 8th January 1883. She hath done what she could. Her children arise and call her blessed. Also Adam Smith Annand born 30th April 1812 departed this life 4th February 1892. (St. AMIB)
17.  GRINDALL – In memory of Jane widow of the late Rivers Francis Grindall Esq Bengal Civil Service died May 22nd 1865 in her 64th year. She is not dead but sleepeth for so he giveth his beloved sleep. (St. AMIB)
18.  MARTIN – Sacred to the beloved memory of Angus Ranald Martin born 18th September 1871 died 28th June 1907 also of Somerled Macdonald Martin born 20th June 1868 died at Durban, Natal 22nd February 1890 son of Simon Martin Bengal Civil Service and Mary his wife. (HC)
19.  YOUNG – In memory of Frances Jane Young youngest daughter of the late Richard Young Esq Bengal Civil Service died at Hove 9th March 1907. Passed from death unto life. 1 St John III.14.  (St. L)


20.  ALCOCK – Sacred to the memory of Charlotte Nott widow of the late Chambre Brabazon Ponsonby Alcock Captain Bengal Engineers who departed this life September 29th 1866; dearly beloved and sincerely regretted by her sorrowing relatives and friends. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life. (St. AMIB)
21.  FITZGERALD – In loving memory of Sarah Fitzgerald widow of Major WR Fitzgerald Bengal Engineers who fell asleep in Jesus at Hove on 8th February 1863. Looking unto Jesus. Ellen Caroline Fitzgerald younger daughter of the late Major WR Fitzgerald Bengal Engineers who entered into rest 22nd August 1891. With Christ which is far better. (St. AMIB)


22.  KNOWLES – In loving memory of Colonel Frederick Knowles late 2nd Bengal Lancers who entered into rest 1st April 1900 aged 64 years. He tried to do his duty. Death is swallowed up in victory. (HC)


23.  ANGELO – In loving memory of my only son Lieutenant Frederick Canning Courtland Angelo 31st PNI Bengal Staff Corps killed in action at Fort Battye Afghanistan 26th March 1880 aged 20. (St. AI)
24.  ELIOTT – In loving memory of Frances Helen wife of Major General William Russell Eliott late Bengal Staff Corps born 18th November 1838 died 3rd June 1884. For ever with the Lord. Amen so let it be. In loving memory of Major General William Russell Eliott late Bengal Staff Corps born 1st July 1820 died 16th June 1893. Also in loving memory of his son Captain Hugh Russell Eliott Worcestershire Regiment killed in action with the British Expeditionary Force at Richebourg-Saint-Vaast, France, 12th October 1914 aged 41. In loving memory of Emma Frances Eliott daughter of (Major General WR Russell) who passed away 6th November 1933 RIP. Also of Georgina Jessie Eliott died 31st August 1939. She hath done what she could. (HC)
25.  FITZGERALD – In memory of Major EM Fitzgerald Bengal Staff Corps. (St. AI)
26.  HOLMES – In ever loving memory of George Edward Holmes Major General Bengal Staff Corps died at Hove 5th August 1897 aged 75 years. (St.J)
27.  LUDLOW – In loving memory of Emily Maynard born 3rd March 1864 died 10th November 1876 and of Edith Ludlow born 2nd September 1865 died 16th March 1883 the beloved children of Colonel Ludlow South Bengal Staff Corps. These living flowers which God has given / Have been transplanted to their bower in Heaven / There shall each grace to perfect beauty rise / And bud with glory when it breathes the skies. Interred in Brighton Cemetery (St. AMIB)
28.  NEWBERY – In sacred and most loving memory of Alma the beloved wife of Major Edward Newbery who fell asleep at Brighton 29th March 1883 aged 34. Also in loving memory of Major Edward Newbery Bengal Staff Corps who died at Simla 2nd June 1884 aged 42 years. (St. AMIB)
29.  OMMANNEY – Fanny Ommanney wife of Major EP Ommanney Bengal Staff Corps died 7th September 1885 aged 48 years. For ever with the Lord. Amen so let it be. (HC)


30.  EATON – Erected by his friends in affectionate remembrance of Surgeon Major James Bird Eaton Bombay Army who died at Brighton 15th May 1889 aged 39 years. (HC)
31.  FORBES – Sacred to the memory of Major General David Forbes Bombay Army died April 2nd 1863 aged 62 years. I laid me down and slept / I awaited for the Lord. (St. AMIB)
32.  LAWES – In memory of Vitruvius Lawes late assistant surgeon in Bombay Army second son of the late Edward HV Lawes sergeant-at-law died 12th M<ay 1890 aged 69 years. Also of Jane wife of the above who died 10th September 1898. (HC)
33.  WHITEHILL – In memory of Charles Stephen Whitehill late Colonel 109th Regiment who died at Brighton February 19th 1882 aged 64 interred at Kensal Green. This tablet is erected by his widow and brother. Also of Caroline mother of the above and widow of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Whitehill of the Bombay Army who died August 14th 1866 aged 78. Interred at Hove. (St. AI)


34.  FARQUHARSON -  (continuation of 5) Also Colonel Edward Anstruther Farquharson late Bombay Royal Artillery died 19th May 1870 aged 67 years (St. AMIB)


35.  ERSKINE – In ever loving memory of George Elphinstone Erskine Major General late Bombay Cavalry and Oude Commission born 20th January 1841 died 12th September 1912. I thank my God for every remembrance of you. (HC)


36.  GONNE – Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Margaret Gonne the beloved wife of Charles Gonne CSI of the Bombay Civil Service who died September 29th 1889 aet. 53. And I heard a voice from heaven saying write blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also in loving memory of Charles Gonne CSI born 26th September 1832 died 1st April 1895. Thou has delivered my soul from death mine eyes from tears and my feet from falling. (HC)
37.  JERVOISE – In memory of Helen Jane the beloved wife of Alan Clarke Jervoise Esq Bombay Civil Service and only daughter of the late Major JJF Cruickshank Bombay Engineers born at Brighton 18th October 1848 died at Carmar, Bombay Presidency 6th October 1872. Erected by her sorrowing brothers. (St.J)
38.  MORGAN - Sacred to the memory of Frances wife of Robley Morgan Esq Bombay Service who died 20th February 1872 aged 46 years.  Also of Charles William their youngest son who died at Chislior, India 27th May 1886 aged 26 years. (St. AMIB)
39.  PRITCHARD – She cometh forth like a flower and is cut down. Constance Emily May darling child of Emily and Charles Pritchard Bombay Civil Servant died January 30th 1876 in her 14th year. Love is strong as death. (St. AMIB)


40.  CRUICKSHANK – In memory of Major James JF Cruickshank of the Bombay Engineers born at Turreff, Aberdeenshire on 24th June 1810 died at Bombay on 24th May 1856 aged 45 years. He was a most Excellent Officer, distinguished for Ability, Probity and Courtesy and is Universally Regretted. Erected by his Attached Friend and Father-in-Law James Henry Crawford. (St.J)
41.  CRUICKSHANK – In memory of Helen the beloved wife of Captain JJF Cruickshank of the Bombay Engineers and the affectionate and exemplary daughter through life of James Henry Crawford Esq formerly of the Civil Service of that Presidency, and now of this parish. Born at Bombay 15th April 1820 died at Dharwar in the southern Mahratta Country 16th December 1851 aged 31 years; erected by her husband and father. (Sr. J)
42.  ESTRIDGE – In loving memory of Amelia Gordon (nee Supple) wife of Lieutenant Colonel Estridge, Royal (late Bombay) Engineers born 21st July 1820 died 6th March 1886. In loving memory of Joseph Estridge Lieutenant Colonel Royal (late Bombay) Engineers born 27th August 1811 died 7th December 1890. (St. AMIB)


43.  BILLAMORE – To the beloved memory of Captain Frederic H Billamore 17th Regiment Bombay Native Infantry. He died at Hursole Guzerat 20th August 1835 aged 35; and his six sons Robert Morgan Lieutenant 10th Regiment NI born July 1826 died at sea May 1852 aged 26. Andrew Frederic Lieutenant 24th Regiment NI born April 1828 died at Hydrabad Scinde December 1849 aged 21. George Reid Captain 2nd Bombay European Regiment born March 1830 died at Forest Gate, Essex January 1866 aged 36. Ashmead John Lieutenant Bombay Artillery born July 1831 died Bombay December 1858 aged 27. Alexander Luard born February 1833 died at Brighton April 1867 aged 34. Lestock Baber born August 1834 died Poonah October same year aged 3 months. This stone is erected by the widowed mother who survives them all. Catherine the widowed mother died September 7th 1875 and was laid to rest by loving friends in a grave opposite this stone. (St. AMIB)
44.  DRUMMOND – To the glory of God and in ever loving memory of George Robinson Bridge Drummond MVO Captain 20th Regiment Bombay Native Infantry. The Chief Constable of West Sussex for 32 years, entered into rest 27th April 1917. His delight was in the law of the Lord. (All S)


45.  ORDONG – In memory of Major General James Gordon of the Bombay Staff Corps died 18th August 1907 in his 83rd year. Also of Georgina the dearly beloved wife of the above who died February 7th 1919. (HC)
46.  GRAY – Ophelia Mary Matilda wife of Lieutenant Colonel William Gray HM Bombay Staff Corps born 27th November 1834 died 16th December 1869. (St. AMIB)
47.  LODWICK – Sacred to the memory of Colonel William Lodwick late of HM Bengal Staff Corps who departed this life at Cliftonville May 25th 1871 aged 50 years. Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Also to the memory of Anne sister of the above relict of the Revd W Ramsden of Sudbrooke near Lincoln. She departed this life at Cliftonville August 26th 1873 aged 69 years. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Jesus mercy. Also of his wife Georgina Maria who fell asleep February 18th 1911 aged 81 years. Lord all pitying Jesus blessed grant her thine eternal rest. (St. AMIB)


48.  HOLDSWORTH – In ever loving memory of my dear husband Lieutenant Colonel John Joseph Holdsworth CIE Gorakhpur Light Horse died 29th June 1920. Peace perfect peace. (HC)


49.  ANDERSON – In loving memory of Brigadier General WC Anderson CMG 1st KGO Gurkha Rifles born 20th February 1867 died 13th September 1942. (HC)
50.  SANDERS – In loving memory of 2nd Lieutenant John Frederick Campbell Sanders 7th Gurkhas who died at Wellington, India March 19th 1904 aged 20 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Erected by his schoolfellows and friends at Marlborough House, Hove. (All S)


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The monument of Surgeon-Major John Bowron MD
Hove Cemetery, south of Old Shoreham Road

51.  BOWRON – In loving memory of Surgeon-Major John Bowron MD late of the Honourable East India Company’s Service who died at 18 Medina Villas, Hove on Sunday 5th March 1899 in his 101st year. Looking for that blessed hope. Also of Jane his wife who died 17th July 1904 in her 66th year. (HC)
52.  CLARKE – To the memory of Mr Theophilus Clarke assistant surgeon HEICS who died at Gogo in the East Indies November 8th aged 27 years. (St.N)
53.  CRAWFORD – Here rest the remains of James Henry Crawford who during the existence of the East India Company was for 40 years a member of their Civil Service and was latterly a member of their Council at Bombay. Born at Brighton 29th August 1788 died at Brunswick Square, Hove 30th April 1865. (St. AMIB)
54.  DALLAS – Sacred to the revered memory of Sir George Dallas bart who after many sufferings in which he manifested the serenity of a mind sustained by the most exalted piety departed this life at Brighton on the 14th January 1833. He was born in London on the 6th April 1758 and having embraced the service of the East India Company filled with honour important offices in the civil department of Bengal. With attainments rare and elegant he united great abilities; the graces of eloquence adorned his conversation; those of literature equally distinguished his pen. To the social and domestic circles he was endeared by every gentle virtue; his soul was fraught with the kindest sympathies of our nature, and the courtesy of his manners bespoke that true refinement which emanates from the affections of a generous and feeling heart. Sir George Dallas married on the 11th June 1788 the Hon Catherine Blackwood youngest daughter of Sir John Blackwood bart and of the Baroness Dufferin and Claneboyne. By his marriage he had 7 children of whom 3 only survived to lament his loss. This monument is consecrated by his widow to the regrets of his family and to the memory of his worth. (St. AWS)
      [The family of Dallas was of great antiquity in the region of Elgin and Nairn in Scotland. Soon after James Dallas, Laird of Cantray, was killed at the battle of Culloden in 1746, some of his clan decided to emigrate to the West Indies and the USA, taking their Dallas name to their new home to remind them of their ancestry. The American branch of the family became distinguished. A relative of our local Dallas was Sir Thomas Dallas, a General of the East India Company’s Army who was renowned as a dashing cavalry officer. As for Sir George Dallas, he later became MP for Newport, Isle of Wight in 1800. One of the children who did not survive him (as mentioned in the inscription) was his second son who died at the age of eighteen after the accidental discharge of a gun].
55.  GRAHAM – In loving memory of Jane wife of the late Colonel John Graham HEICS who fell asleep 16th March 1888. The Master is come and calleth for thee. (HC)
56.  STAUNTON – Sacred to the memory of Philip Staunton Esq formerly of the Honourable East India Company’s Service on the Bengal Establishment who died at Brighton November 29th 1836 aged 80 years. Also of his widow Anna Maria Staunton who died May 6th 1850 aged 84 years. (St. AWS)
57.  STOCKWALL – In the vault beneath lie in hope of a Joyful Resurrection the remains of John Stockwall Esq formerly of the East India Company’s Service in which he passed 46 years. He died the 20th January 1841 in the 81st year of his age. Also in the 81st year of her age Mary widow of the above died at Edinburgh on the 19th November 1841. (St. AWS)
58.  TEMPLE – Sacred to the memory of Emily Jane beloved wife of the late HG Temple Esq of Calcutta and youngest daughter of the late Revd AF Lacroix of the London Missionary Society, Bengal. Died at Brighton 8th October 1867 aged 27 years and 7 months. Be ye also ready. Also of Georgina daughter of the late Assistant Surgeon Temple HEICS Bengal who died 5th February 1875 aged 39 years. Also of Hannah Lacroix relict of the Revd AF Lacroix LMS Calcutta died 25th October 1880 aged 72 years. (St. AMIB)
59.  THORNTON – To the memory of Edward Thornton formerly in the Home Service Honourable East India Company born 26th October 1799 died 24th December 1875. (St. AMIB)


60.  CLASSE – In loving memory of Frederick Arthur Vandeleur Classe the beloved husband of Frances Classe son of the late Major Roger Classe (Indian Army) who died at Hove 2nd July 1902. Noble he was condemning all things mean / his truth unquestioned and his soul serene / Shame knew him not – he dreaded no disgrace / Truth simple truth was written on his face. (HC)
61.  DICKINSON – In loving memory of Thomas Malcolm Dickinson DFC Captain 16th Cavalry Indian Army, attached 1st Grenadier Guards, wounded at Festubert 1915 atd. Royal Flying Corps in Mesopotamia helped to provision Kut 1916. Brought down wounded in air combat, taken prisoner on Western Front 1917. Evacuated 6000 British prisoners, being himself last to leave fatal camp of Parchim 1918 – died under operation to his wounds; Egypt 4th January 1921 aged 27. Beloved by all. A warrior sans peur et sans reproche. Valiant in Fight. Patient in Tribulation. Erected by his Sorrowing Mother and Brother. (St. AWS)
62.  GRINDALL – Also in memory of Rivers Francis Grindall Esq Major in the Indian Army. Eldest son of the above (17) born 2nd July 1819 died 24th  October 1871. Thy will be done. In loving memory of Amelia Jane eldest daughter of the above Rivers Francis and Jane Grindall born 21st April 1822 died 16th June 1902. Peace perfect peace. (St. AMIB)
63.  GROSS – In memory of Robert Aubrey Homfray aged 3 months died September 1877 infant son of Colonel RC Cross HM’s I Army. (St. AMIB)
64.  GUISE-MOORES – To the memory of Frank Gerald Guise Guise-Moores OBE Colonel Indian Army who died 17th August 1963 in his 79th year. (HC)
65.  HOLLAND – (In loving memory) of Edward Frederick Holland Major late Indian Army born 24th July 1876 died 8th January 1961. In sure and certain hope. (HC)
66.  O’DOWDA – In loving memory of James William O’Dowda Colonel Indian Army who died 10th February 1917 aged 80 years. Also of Geraldine Marion O’Dowda died 1st April 1952.(HC)
67.  PHILIPS – In memory of Lieutenant Colonel James Washington Philips late Indian Army died 30th August 1962 aged 78. (HC)

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Stained glass window of St George titled 'Valour' in St Andrew Church, Portslade 
given in memory of Ronald Christian Sundius Smith (No. 68)

68.  SMITH – In ever loving memory of Gladys Dorothy Sundius Smith born 31st May 1890 died 24th March 1891 aged 10 months. Of such is the kingdom of Heaven. Also of Ronald Christian Sundius Smith 2nd Lieutenant Indian Army attached 2nd West Yorks. Born 31st May 1894 killed in action at Neuve Chapelle 12th March 1915. Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. Lieutenant Colonel Brian Leslie Sundius Smith DSO Baluch Regiment Indian Army  4th October 1895 –20th December 1965. (HC)
 [There is also a beautiful stained glass window designed by Burne Jones to the memory of 2nd Lieutenant Ronald Christian Sundius Smith at St Andrew’s Church, Portslade].
69.  SOPPITT – To the loved memory of General Matthew Soppitt of Her majesty’s Indian Army born 8th August 1788 died 7th July 1874. (St. AMIB)
70.  THORNTON – In loving memory of Arthur Parry Thornton Lieutenant Colonel Indian Army born 9th February 1848 died 4th December 1909 and of Edith Susan Sara his wife daughter of General HC van Courtlandt. (HC)
71.  WILKINSON – In loving memory of Major Augustus Frederick Wilkinson Indian Army died 14th September 1911. Jesu mercy. Also of my dearest Mother Alice Henrietta Wilkinson widow of the above who passed away 19th June 1929. Gone only for a time. (HC)

72.  HALLIFAX – Grace Victoria Hallifax wife of Henry Francis Hallifax of the Indian Civil Service born at Darjeeling, Bengal 1st April 1870 died at Hove 23rd February 1930. (HC)
73.  TOYNBEE – In memory of Minnie Annie Toynbee who died 6th May 1912 and of her husband George Toynbee Indian Civil Service (retired) who died 11th May 1923. Also their son Captain Ralph Leslie Toynbee MC the Lincolnshire Regiment who died 5th August 1949. (HC)


74.  FORSYTH – In loving memory of Sir John Forsyth KCCL CB late Inspector General of HM Indian Medical Department, Bengal and Hon Physician to the Queen died 14th January 1883 in the 84th year of his age. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, faith. (St. AMIB)
75.  STRONG – In loving memory of Major John William Strong Indian Medical Service who died at Hove 18th February 1910 aged 68 years. Also of Julia Maria Strong dearly loved wife of the above died 23rd March 1932 aged 87 years. (HC)
76.  TAYLOR – Sacred to the memory of Henry Taylor MD HM Indian Service born 1st December 1802 died 2nd December 1880. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course. I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for my a crown of righteousness. (St. AMIB)


77.  BOTT – In loving memory of my dear husband Thomas W Bott Major late 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabineers) Crimea – Indian Mutiny died 10th November 1919 aged 89 years. Also of Stella the beloved and devoted wife of the above died 28th January 1921 aged 72 years. Rest in peace (HC)
78.  CAMPBELL – To the memory of a father and a brother. To Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Campbell CB who served throughout the Peninsular War and at Waterloo with the 52nd Light Infantry and died on 3rd May 1850 aged 73. Also to Colonel Robert Parker Campbell CB who served with the 73rd Regiment in the Kaffir War of 1850-1853, commanded the 90th Light Infantry in the Crimea and during the mutinies in India. He died on 11th November 1857 of wounds received at the Relief of Lucknow aged 40 years. Colonel George Campbell inscribes this tablet. (St. AI)
79.  DALE – In loving memory of Clement Headington Dale Military Knight of Windsor, served under Havelock in the relief and defence of Lucknow also served in the Riel Rebellion in Canada under General Strange died 28th July 1915 aged 76 years. He is not – for God took him. And of his wife Louisa Georgina Amelia who died 18th June 1932 aged 96 years. (HC)
80.  LANDFRIED  - Here lies a soldier of the king and of the King of Kings Martin Leonard Landfried who from his 15th year served his country in the 17th Lancers at Sevastopol, the Alma, Balaclava – sounding the charge at the latter engagement – and in the Indian Mutiny and retiring as Trumpet Major in 1865 joined the 1st Sussex RGA (Vols) becoming bandmaster in 1890. Born 25th August 1834 died 8th December 1902. God grant that he may sleep from Last Post to Reveille. This monument was raised by the officers and non com officers and gunners 1st Sussex RGA (Vols).
[Landfried became a local celebrity living latterly at 4 Portland Road, Hove. On behalf of good causes he would sometimes perform his party piece, which was to sound the celebrated bugle call while famous actress Amy Sedgwick (1830-1897) recited Tennyson’s The Charge of the Light Brigade. (HC)
81.  MARTIN – (continuation of 18) Also of the above Simon Nicolson Martin Bengal Civil Service one of the defenders of Lucknow born 10th February 1829 died 6th December 1909. Also of the above Mary Sophia wife of SN Martin and daughter of Richard Rossiter Burnard born 6th June 1835 died 1st January 1917 who was with her husband throughout the siege of Lucknow. (HC)


82.  MONTRIOU – In sacred and loving memory of Alfred Edward youngest son of the late Captain W Montriou of Her Majesty’s late Indian Navy who departed this life 6th June 1867 aged 18 years and 7 months. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matt. 5.8. (St AMIB)


83.  HAUGHTON -  In loving memory of Lilian wife of Colonel WR Haughton VD Chief Engineer Indian State Railways. She died 24th October 1924 aged 72. Also of their daughter Dorothea died 19th August 1926 widow of Lynton Woolmer White Lieutenant 1st KDCs killed in France 4th September 1914. And to the memory of the above Colonel Walter Raleigh Haughton VD Chief Engineer Indian State Railways who died on 19th April 1929 in his 74th year. (HC)


84.  BUIST – In loving memory of David Simson Buist Major General Indian Staff Corps born 29th September 1828 died 16th January 1908 and of his wife Grace Scott Napier Buist born 1st August 1837 died 25th December 1912. In loving memory of their 4th son Henry Simon Buist born 11th January 1870 died in Nyasaland 3rd April 1915. In memory of their youngest son James Martin Buist Captain RAMC born 17th November 1876 died at Davos-Platz 8th January 1913. (HC)
85.  SCH(--?) – In very loving memory of Dorothy Corncha the dearly loved daughter of Percy A Sch(--) Indian Staff Corps and Florence his wife born 25th April 1894 died 13th September 1897. (HC)


86.  HARRIS – Sacred to the memory of Louisa Jane Harris widow of the late Frederick Harris Madras Army born 23rd November 1823 died 18th March 1869. (St. AMIB)
87.  WARDEN – Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant General Francis Faithful Warden retired late Madras Army departed this life 22nd March 1883 aged 67 years (St. AMIB)
88.  WOOLLEY – In memory of Laura Eliza daughter of Colonel Robert Woolley Madras Army and Isabella his wife who died at Brighton 8th July 1870 in the 13th year of her age. What I do thou knowest not now but thou shalt know hereafter. John 7. Also Walter youngest son died 20th October 1858 aged 24. Louisa Augusta daughter died 9th February 1928. Isabella Agnes Jane widow died 13th February 1912. (St AMIB)


89.  CHERRY – General Peter Thomas Cherry Madras Cavalry aged 79 died 3rd September 1888. A good soldier of Jesus Christ. (HC)
90.  GILLESPIE – Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Colonel GJ Gillespie 4th Madras Light Cavalry who died at sea on his passage to England 17th December 1826 aged 48. He died lamented as he lived beloved. Also to the memory of Sarah Gillespie his wife who died 26th September 1856. Her remains are deposited in the vault beneath this chapel. (St. AWS)
91.  NEWBURY – In loving memory of Major Thomas Newbury late Madras Light Cavalry born 30th July 1816 died 13th December 1893. In loving memory of Augusta Louisa widow of Major Newbury died 31st March 1905 aged 78 years. (St. AMIB)


92.  BIRD – In loving memory of John Bird late Madras Civil Servant born 4th April 1811 died 16th April 1877. What I say unto you I say unto all, watch. Mark XIII. 37. Also of Julia Charlotte widow of the above born 12th December 1822 died 7th September 1902. Also of their daughter Anne Charlotte Bird born 29th November 1847 died 3rd May 1923. Peace perfect peace. In proud and loving memory of Major General Sir Wilkinson Dent Bird KBE CB CMG DSO born 4th May 1869 died 6th January 1943. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. 2 Tim. 4-7. (St AMIB)
93.  CLARKE -  Mary Elizabeth widow of George Elliott Clarke and daughter of the late TAJ Boileau Madras Civil Service who died at Eastbourne greatly beloved July 1880 in her 46th year. Looking unto Jesus. (St AMIB)
94.  THOMPSON – In memory of Robert Stuart 3rd son of John George Thompson Esq of the Madras Civil Service and Honoria Mary his wife born at Bath 12th September 1856 died at Brighton 28th September 1865. (St. AMIB)


95.  DREW – In ever loving memory of the best of mothers Matilda widow of Charles Drew 3rd extra Madras Regiment died 8th May 1906 aged 83 years. Until the day break and the shadows flee away. (HC)


96.  BAYLEY – To the glory of God and in honoured and ever treasured memory of my beloved husband Colonel HED Bayley late Commandant 30th Madras Infantry who fell asleep 1st July 1916. His whole life was a unique combination of all that is lovely and of good report. I thank my God upon every remembrance of thee. Also in loving memory of Gertrude Ruding-Bayley wife of the above who entered into rest on 28th January 1929. Father I thank thee. [Decorated brass tablet with badge of Madras Infantry and XXX Ava Afghanistan 1878-1880]. (St.J)


97.  HEARN – To the glory of God. In memory of Major General Charles Shuckburgh Hearn CIE the windows in this chapel are placed here by the officers of the Madras Police Force. (St.B)
98.  FULLERTON – In loving remembrance of John Younge Fullerton late Madras Police who passed away 4th May 1904 aged 57 years. Also of Rebecca wife of the above passed away 5th July 1930. (HC)
99.  ROSS – In loving memory of my husband Harry Thornton Ross Superintendent Madras Police and of 30 Norton Road, Hove at rest 10th March 1914. Also of Lena Caroline Outram Ross wife of the above 24th November 1934. (HC)


100.  BASDEN – In loving memory of Major General Charles Brenton Basden late 45th Rattray’s Sikhs died 28th November 1914 aged 91. For 22 years warden of this church. A keen soldier, a friend to all who sought his aid. A loving and beloved father. Also of Elise wife of the above who died 11th January 1915 in her 84th year. This tablet is erected by his 3 daughters. [Brass tablet] (St.J)
101. WALLER – In loving memory of Robert Jocelyn Waller Major 45th Rattray’s Sikhs Indian Army who died at Hove 12th December 1919 aged 75 and of his wife Mary Isabel who died also at Hove 14th February 1925 aged 66. [Brass shield Honor et Veritas] (St.J)


102.  LANGLOIS – Ellen Langlois widow of Jean Pierre Langlois of Assam died at Shoreham 14th December 1877 aged 49 years. (PC)


103. TURNBULL – NWP India 24th June 1884 Rivers Francis Grindall Turnbull BAS born 8th May 1827 died 27th August 1867. Also in memory of Frederick Grindall Turnbull youngest son of the above born 7th August 1859 died at Benares. God who is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he loved me. (St. AMIB)


104. BAINBRIDGE – In memory of Amy the dearly loved wife of Captain Edward Bainbridge 21st Royal NB Fusiliers who perished through the foundering of the mail steamer Cheduba  in a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal on 16th May 1869 aged 26 years. Also to Rose Maud their infant daughter aged 6 months. And there was no more sea / And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed away. Rev. 21.14. (St. AMIB)
105. BATTAM – In loving memory of Captain James Battman late PWD Bengal died 21st December 1917 aged 69 years. Also of Asenath Eve his wife who died at Calcutta 27th December 1899 aged 44 years. (HC)

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The memorial to Martin Leonard Landfried (No. 80)
Hove Cemetery, south of Old Shoreham Road


106. BLACKWELL – In memory of Maria Agnes Mary the dearly loved child of George and Agnes Blackwell Bombay Presidency. Born at Poona 16th July 1864 died at Brighton 28th October 1870. (St. AMIB)
107. LARPENT – In loving memory of Arthur John 8th Baron de Hochepied Larpent. Born 18th March 1832 died 24th August 1887. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Also in loving memory of Catherine Mary wife of Arthur John 8th Baron de Hochepied Larpent who died at Dharwar Bombay Presidency 27th March 1872 aged 33. (HC)
108. CLOWSER – (In memory) of Charles George son of George Louis and Sophia Clowser died 29th May 1862 aged 2 years 6 months and interred in Kirkee Cemetery, Bombay. (St. AMIB)


109. BLAKER - Edward Spenser Blaker MB Cantab MRCS Eng. only son of Edward and Emma Blaker who died at Calcutta January 16th 1897 aged 35. (SN churchyard)
110. GREGORY – I am so glad that Jesus loves me. In much loved memory of Malcolm Reginald Gregory aged 5 years and 8 months. Born in Calcutta 27th November 1873 died at Brighton 3rd September 1879. Also to the tender and loving memory of Arthur MaCallister Gregory born in Calcutta 21st October 1877 died at Lewisham 6th July 1884. He shall gather the lambs with his arms. Isa.XI. II. (St. AMIB)
111. HOMFRAY – Sacred to the memory of Popkin Homfray solicitor late of Calcutta, India 7th son of Jeston Homfray of Broadwaters House, Worcestershire who died at Hove 25th March 1878 in his 82nd year. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me and thy rod and staff they comfort me. Ps. 23. (St. AMIB)
112. SETH – Sacred to the most beloved and tender memory of Owen Seth born in Calcutta 7th April 1850 died at Hove October 1892. The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job. I. 21 (St. AMIB)
113. SHIRREFF – Sacred to the memory of Anna Esther beloved child of James and Mary Shirreff born 3rd November 1875 died in Calcutta February 1877. (St. AMIB)


114. GRANVILLE – In memory of Frances widow of William Granville Esq of the Ceylon Civil Service and daughter of the late Hon George Turnour who died 24th April 1873 in the 72nd year of her age. (St. AMIB)


115.  DARBY – In loving remembrance of William Wilson Darby Lieutenant Royal Engineers the dearly loved youngest son of the Revd John T Darby who died of fever at Chakrata, India on 7th July 1873 aged 25 years. (St. AMIB)


116.  PARKER – In loving memory of John Parker who died suddenly at Darjeeling 19th February 1910 aged 61 years. Also Robert Vernon beloved son of the above died 7th November 1923 aged 47 years. (HC)


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George Everest (central tombstone) St Andrew's Old Church Hove

117.      EVEREST – In memory of my dearly loved husband George Everest died 1st December 1866 aged 76 years. And of our dear children Emma Colebrooke died 10th February 1852 aged 2 years 10 months, Benigna Edith died 24th January 1860 aged 4 months. Gone but not forgotten. (St. AC) [Sir George Everest (1790-1866) became Superintendent of the Trigonometrical Survey of India in 1823. The project started in 1800 and took nearly 50 years to complete. The Great Indian Arc of the Meridian covered 1,600 miles and it was the longest earth measurement ever undertaken. Everest was single-minded and meticulous in his work but had to battle several bouts of severe illness. He had a somewhat abrasive personality and was not popular with his co-workers. It was not until 1856 that Andrew Scott Waugh, Everest’s successor, suggested the highest mountain should be name Mount Everest in his honour but there was considerable opposition in India. Everest retired in 1843 and came home to England. In 1846 he married Emma, eldest daughter of Thomas Wing, attorney-at-law. The bridegroom was aged 56 and was six years older than his father-in-law. The couple lived in London and within ten years they had six children. He was knighted in 1861. Although Everest died in London he was buried at Hove next to his father-in-law and his elder sister. In 1953 Tom Stobart made the film The Conquest of Everest and the opening shots reveal the grass waving in front of Everest’s grave. Mr Stobart said it took him five weeks to locate the whereabouts of the grave and only then because the Royal College of Heralds provided a clue]  

In the Sunday Times (5 June 2016) there was a fascinating piece about the campaign to restore Everest’s villa situated in the hill station of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Apparently. Everest purchased the residence in the 1830s and used it not just as a retreat but as somewhere peaceful where he could work out his intricate calculations to measure the height of the Himalayas. The villa is in a state of neglect but the Orient Trust is spearheading the battle to restore it because as well as being of great historical significance, it is also a beautiful structure. Simpson & Brown, an Edinburgh architectural practice, fund the Orient Trust.

It is pleasant to record that while Everest might be virtually forgotten in his home country, in India he is still highly regarded. Today’s Surveyor-General of India, Swarma Subba Rao, commented ‘Sir George Everest was one of the most respected persons and we respect his house.’(St AC)

118. ROSS – Sacred to the memory of Amelia the beloved and lamented wife of Major General Sir Patrick Ross GCMG KCH. She was the second daughter of the late General William Sydenham and was born at Madras on the 3rd June 1787. After a union of 42 years during which she was a blessing and an example of piety to her now sorrowing husband and children. She died at Brighton on the 8th day of June 1847. (St AMIB)


119. COOKE -  In loving memory of Catherine Emma widow of CR Cooke Inspector of Schools, Punjab, India died 4th January 1908 aged 69 years. Peace perfect peace. (St L)
120. FULLER – Sacred to the memory of Ernest Fuller 3rd son of the late Major AR Fuller RA Director of Public Instruction for Punjaub (sic) born 31st October 1863 died 5th February 1870. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Also of Lieutenant Abraham Fuller of 2nd Battalion Border Regiment eldest son of the late Major AR Fuller born 4th July 1860 died 24th September 1882. Also of Catherine Agnes Fuller widow of the late Major AR Fuller RA born 28th December 1838 died 14th May 1901. (St. AMIB)


121.KEAY – In ever loving memory of Peter Keay RE of Roorkee, India who died at sea 1st April 1873. Also of Emma wife of the above who entered into rest 24th November aged 60 years. (HC)


122.SMITH – Ellen 2nd daughter of the late Sidney Smith of the India Office who entered into rest on Easter Eve 1883 aged 47. Thanks be to God which giveth victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (St. AMIB)


123.GEORGE – Hic jacet General Frederick Darley George CB Colonel of the 22nd the Cheshire Regiment born 25th June 1808 died 2nd June 1888. Served throughout the whole campaign in Scendi 1842-1843 and in the South Mahratta and Concar 1844-1845 Louisbury, Melanee, Hyderabad, Scendi. (St. AMIB)


124.MACDONALD – Sacred to the memory of my devoted and beloved husband the Revd Reginald Chambers Macdonald MA who entered into rest 24th February 1915 aged 79 years. He had been a missionary of the CMS in south India for 20 years. On his retirement he held curacies in Kent and Leicestershire until his appointment to the living of Frampton, Dorsetshire till 1887. His last work was the chaplaincy of the Albion Hill Home, Brighton from 1887 till 1914 – 27 ½ years. Peace perfect peace. Also of his beloved wife Eliza Dillwyn born 28th October 1829 entered into rest 21st August 1916. A worker in India; late at the Albion Hill Home; also for many years Diocesan Secretary CEZMS. (HC)


125.WALKER – In loving memory of George Casson Walker Knight Commander of the Star of India born 9th July 1854 died 27th April 1925. And of Fanny his wife born 31st August 1855 died 15th January 1935. And they shall be mine saith the Lord of Hosts, in that day I make up my jewels; and I will spare them as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. (H)

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