12 January 2016

Brunswick Town Bibliography

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Brunswick Terrace 

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East Sussex Record Office

ESC 101/1/1 (1862-1878) ESC 101/1/2 (1878-1908) ESC 101/1/4 1878-1911) ESC 101/1/5 (1912-1945). Although these documents are catalogued under Davigdor School Log Books, they relate to Farman Street Schools, which later moved to Davigdor Road.
ESC 107/1 (1894-1927) EMA 190/1 Ivy Place Infants’ School
HOW 14/3 54 Brunswick Square
HOW 19/21 94 Lansdowne Place
HOW 51/3 42 Brunswick Terrace
HOW 52/4 42 Brunswick Terrace
HOW 75/1 Victory Inn
AMS 594/4 46 and 48 Brunswick Square
AMS 6039 School Prospectus 1874 33 Brunswick Square
AMS 6039/1-3 Robert Upperton’s Papers
PAR 387/10/50/1-5 Robert Upperton’s Papers
PAR 387/7/28/1 St Andrew’s Church, Waterloo Street
ACC 2409/1073 Brackenbury
TAM 8/4/14 Brunswick Cricket Ground
DO/A1/2 Hove Commissioners Books Volume 1
DO/A32/2 Overseers of the Poor
Tamplin’s Brewery Records

Hove Reference Library

Proceedings of Committees (Hove) from 1879. There is also a set in the East Sussex Record Office.
Hove Census Records (also available at East Sussex Record Office)
Brackenbury Papers in the Autograph Collection
Newspaper Cuttings File
Complete back run of The Times with useful index
Sussex Daily News